Mindful Monday 014


Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to a new week and another mindful Monday here at Illuminated By U. As always, please consult your doctor before beginning this or any other exercise program.

Today’s yoga asana is malasana, also known as garland pose. This is a deep squatting/hip opening posture, so if you have a history of knee or hip problems, or back issues, please skip this particular asana and instead spend some time revisiting easy pose and focusing on calming your mind and breath.

Deep hip openers like malasana are typically used in preparation for more advanced postures like crow pose, as well as prolonged periods of sitting during meditation rituals. Like with other hip openers, malasana allows a release of emotions to flow freely through the body.

Begin as always by standing at the top of your mat in mountain pose. Slowly bend your knees and lower your hips, coming into a deep squat position. Create space between your thighs so they are slightly wider than the torso on each side, but keep the heels of your feet as close together as possible. If you cannot keep your feet flat on the floor feel free to support them with a folded up blanket.

Drop your torso slightly forward and bring your hands into a prayer position with your upper arms brought to the inside area of your knees. Life and lengthen your torso and focus on keeping your spine long and flat and your shoulders relaxed. Hold for 5 deep breaths (or longer) before slowly straightening your legs into a forward fold before returning to mountain pose.



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