Mindful Monday 012


Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to a new week and another mindful Monday here at Illuminated By U. Today we continue on our “through the warrior asana variations” journey with my personal favorite warrior inspired poses: reverse warrior. As always, please consult your doctor before beginning this or any other exercise program.

Reverse warrior is a standing yoga pose that stretches the side/waist, it is not a predominate back-bending posture, so please keep that in mind while practicing. You should feel the stretch lengthening your side body and slightly in your spine. Along with stretching the side it also opens the groin and hip area, builds strengthen in your upper body, and helps to calm the mind and promote concentration.

As with all our warrior poses begin in mountain pose towards the front of your mat, feet hips width apart, arms hanging by your sides. Move into your warrior one position, which can be found if needed, in the mindful Monday 009 blog post.

From your warrior one, exhale and bring your back hand to the back of your thigh. Inhale and lift your front arm up, reaching through your finger tips to the sky keeping your arm next to your ear. Keep your front knee bent, stacked with your ankle or slightly behind, as you again lengthening through your side with just a slight backend. Tilt your head to bring your focus to your front arm’s fingertips while keeping your shoulders relaxed and breathing deeply into the pose.



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