Mindful Monday 011


Happy Monday once again luminaries! Welcome to another installment of Mindful Monday here at Illuminated By U! Today’s yoga asana is a big of a tricky balancing posture, so if you’re not quite able to get the balance and hold it, no worries, just focus on your breath and calming yourself for the week ahead in one of our previous postures. As always, please consult your physician prior to beginning this or any other exercise regiment.

Warrior 3/virabhadrasana III is an intermediate standing balancing posture that while dynamic, creates stability throughout the entire body. It improves balance, posture, full-body coordination, and concentration.

Begin once again standing at the top of your mat with your feet hip distance apart and your hands by your sides. Step your legs wide apart while keeping your alignment and turning your front foot 90 degrees towards the top of your mat and your back foot 45 degrees inward. Point your pelvis and your midsection in the same direction as your front leg/toes are pointing towards the top of your mat. Slowly bend your front knee, keeping it slightly behind or stacked above your front ankle, avoiding allowing it to protrude beyond the ankle towards the toes to avoid injuries and bring your arms towards the sky to bring yourself into warrior 1.

Press your weight into your front foot and left your back leg as you simultaneously lower your torso and chest. Work to bring your lifted leg, mid section, and arms into a line that is parallel to the ground and reaches forward, flexing your back foot, keeping your entire body engaged. Gaze at the floor a few feet ahead of you, and keep a slight bend in your balancing left to avoid locking your knee. Hold this pose for 30 seconds keeping your engagement, focus, balance, and breath in mind. To modify you can do this facing towards a wall and gently place your hands on it to help keep your balance as needed.

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