Mindful Monday 010



Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe this makes our 10th Mindful Monday here at Illuminated by U?! I hope that by now you are starting to find techniques and personal mantras that work for you! As always, please talk to your physician before beginning this or any other exercise routine.

Today we are continue our warrior asana journey with warrior 2/virabhadrasana II an asana that commemorates the exploits of a mythical warrior. Along with the same physical and mental benefits of warrior 1 pose, warrior 2 is a deep hip opening asana that allows emotions to flow fluidly to and from your body.

Much like with warrior 1 we begin standing at the tops of our mat with our feet hip distance apart and our hands by our sides. Exhale and step your feet wide apart checking to ensure your heels are aligned with each other. Turn your front foot 90 degrees towards the top of your mat while pivoting 45 degrees on your back foot and rooting down through your ankles.

Raise your arms to shoulder height so they are parallel to the floor with palms facing towards the ground reaching actively through your fingertips. On an exhale slowly bend your front knee, keeping it directly stacked over your ankle or slightly behind, again avoiding allowing your knee to extended beyond your ankle towards your toes to avoid injuries.

Turn your torso so that it is perpendicular to the floor, keeping your back leg straight, and your head directly aligned with your tailbone. Slowly shift your gaze towards your hand, draw your belly in toward your spine to engage your core, and hold for one minute keeping your body engaged and your breath in rhythm.

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