Listening to Our Podcast

Our podcast will be available every other Friday starting January 6,2017.  There will be three podcasts in January 2017 to accommodate our book of the month podcast.  Going forward, the book of the month podcast may continue to be a third podcast on its own or it may be incorporated with the second podcast of the month.  We have not decided yet.

You can find us in the Apple Podcast App by searching “Illuminated By U”, selecting the podcast that has our logo on it, and clicking “Subscribe”.

To use a different app, such as Overcast, click the “+” button to add a new podcast or RSS feed and copy and paste the following before hitting “enter” or “done”:

For the time being, you can also listen to our podcast directly on our website by going to the “Podcasts” tab and clicking on the podcast you wish to listen to, then clicking the play button that looks like a triangle on the top left.

If you wish, you can go directly to our SoundCloud page and listen to the podcast that way.  That URL is


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