Mindful Monday 007



Good morning good vibers! Happy Monday and welcome to another installment of Mindful Monday here at Illuminated by you! As always, please speak with your physician prior to beginning this or any other exercise program!

This week’s asana is upward-facing dog/upward dog/up dog/Urdhva Mukha Svanasana another foundation asana and great place to breathe and ground yourself for another week.

Begin by lying on your stomach, because of this, we recommend you do not practice this asana while pregnant. Allow your legs to lay out behind you with a few inches of space between your thighs. The tops of your feet should be resting gently upon the top of your mat or practice service, reframe from curling or tucking your toes here.

Place your hands next to your ribs facing your finger tips towards the top of your mat. Inhale and gently press through your hands firmly into the flood as you begin to straighten your arms, lift your torso and your thighs slightly off the floor. Move slowly, pressing firmly through the tops of your feet, again avoiding curling, or tucking your toes.

Keep your elbows tucked into your body and your wrist stacked below your shoulders. Release the tension in your shoulders allowing them to drop away from your ears, lift your chest up, and open your heart center. You can keep your head in a neutral position here, or if you are flexible, gaze towards the sky.

After holding for several deep breathes, exhale and slowly release your forehead and torso back towards the ground.

Not only does this asana stretch the back and upper body while lengthening the spine and strengthening the arms, shoulders, and wrists, by opening the chest and heart center it can be therapeutic for those suffering from asthma and improves digestion. As with other backbends, upward-facing dog energizes and rejuvenates the body and relieves the mind of fatigue and helps with mild depression.



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