Holiday Wishes & Reminders

I love the holidays! I love baking cookies and my entire house smelling like gingerbread, cinnamon, and icing. I love cooking a big meal and everyone sitting around the table to enjoy it instead of eating oven-baked frozen pizzas on the couch by myself at 10:30 pm. I love buying and wrapping gifts for the important people in my lie. The thought and care that goes into picking each one out. I love taking photos for my yearly Christmas card for family that lives far away and then patiently (and mostly impatiently) waiting for them to arrive in the mail from Shutterfly so I can address the envelopes and put festive stamps on them. I love sitting down with my son and writing his list to Santa then mailing it to a friend so I can get it back and put it in his keepsake box for when he’s older. I love the twinkling lights, the snow we sometimes get. I love teaching my son about how different cultures celebrate Christmas differently, and how some don’t celebrate Christmas at all. I love the Hallmark holiday movies, and watching the classics with my own child like frosty and how the Grinch stole Christmas. I love decorating my tree, spraying fake snow everywhere, and sneaking a candy cane or two off it before Christmas. I love getting to play Santa on Christmas eve.

And I am very grateful for all those things, because I know how many people do not have family to spend their holidays with, how many people can’t afford the holidays, how many people don’t even have a roof over their head for the holidays.

We wanted to take a little time this week to dedicate our blog to reminding people that it really is the season for giving. Donate old clothes, blankets, and coats to a local shelter. Consider buying toys and donating them to your local shelters or one of the angel tree children at your local Walmart or shopping mall. Donate a little of your time to a local soup kitchen. If you need a last-minute gift, consider buying from a conscious brand that gives back. If you have friends, or even loved ones you aren’t so close with, who have nowhere to go for the holidays, open your home to them. Feed them a warm meal, greet them with compassion.

If you are alone for the holidays and need someone to talk to, please be sure to visit our Support Page Most hotlines are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Remember also that our inbox is always open, you can find our contact information here:  Contact Us

We are wishing all of you the very best this holiday season.



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