Mindful Monday 005





Happy Monday morning everyone and welcome to yet another installment of our Mindful Monday journey here at Illuminate By U. As always please be sure to consult your doctor before beginning this or any other exercise regiment.

This Monday’s asana is standing wide-legged forward fold. Here we will be focusing on lengthening, creating space both physically and mentally, and creating a sense of calm and  awareness of our physical beings. Those with back injuries should use caution and avoid fully folding in this or any other exercise. Again, please consult a health care professional prior to practicing yoga or beginning any other exercise regiment.

Begin standing in mountain pose with your hands at your hips and moving your feet till they are a comfortable distance apart for you. Work to angle your toes slightly inward and your heels slightly outwards so that your feet are parallel to the edge of your mat. On your inhale work to length your spine, reaching the top of your head towards the sky, exhaling and slowly folding forward while dropping your gaze.

If you are comfortable in your fold, bring your hands to rest onto the ground between your legs and allow your body to lengthen and stretch. With each inhale lengthen your spine and if possible and comfortable, deepen the fold. Stay here for a minute, or several minutes, ending by putting your hands back on your hips, and inhaling as you lift your torso while keeping your spine lengthened and back flat.

During standing wide-legged forward fold it’s important to keep your legs strong and engaged while also being conscious as to not lock your knees. Your weight should focus more on the balls of your feet in your fold than back towards your heels.

Practicing this asana daily allows you to become more relaxed in this posture, and as your body becomes more relaxed it will be able to release more tension, stress, and stiffness. It’s benefits also include a calmer mind, relief from anxiety and mild depression along with mental stress, and improved digestion.



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