Mindful Monday 004


Welcome back to another Mindful Monday here at Illuminated By U!

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This Mindful Monday we will be focusing on bound angle poses or cobbler pose (baddha konasana)

Hopefully this pose is relatively familiar to most of you as it is a very popular elementary school physical education exercise most often referred to as butterfly. Another seated hip opener, bound angle helps to stretch the hip area and improves circulation throughout the entire body. And ladies, this particular pose can be especially welcomed when experience menstrual discomfort and some symptoms of menopause.

Begin in a seated position. Feel free to sit on a pillow for some extra comfort. Slowly bend your knees and draw the soles of your feet together. If you need some extra support for your knees grab some yoga blocks (or books, pillows, anything you can stack) and place them under your knees. Sit up straight, once again lengthening the spine and creating space for breath and energy to flow. Gaze softly ahead and focus on deep breathing. For an extra stretch you can fold forward if/when comfortable.

Along with the physical benefits of bound angle, focusing on your breath once again instills a sense of inner calm and safety.



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