Mindful Monday 001


Welcome to our very first Mindful Monday.

For our first Mindful Monday, we begin in fire log pose (agnistambhasana) and focus on inhaling deeply, holding for 5 slow counts, and exhaling deeply. *Be sure that you consult a physician prior to beginning this or any other exercise regimen.

Fire log pose is a beginner yoga asana considered both a seated and hip opening posture. Hip opening postures, which we will talk about in more detail later in the year, have great mental benefits as they allow emotions to flow freely from the body.

Begin seated, feel free to sit on a pillow or folded blanket, and gently stack your legs. Be cautious if you have or have had any lower back or knee injury. Focus on lengthening and straightening the spine and creating space in your chest for deep breathing.

By focusing on our breath, we are able to quiet our mind, resulting in also calming our mind, which is particularly beneficial in cases where we feel anxious on panicked. This particular breathing exercise can be done anywhere at any time without drawing attention to yourself or needing private space as it is a quiet inward practice.

Each Monday, we will be bringing you a yoga asana, breathing exercise, or a combination of both to focus our minds on being present and mindful throughout the week. I will also be providing you with the health benefits, both physical and mental, of each Mindful Monday practice.




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